Louisiana Online Poker Sites

Though the State of Louisiana isn't friendly to online poker rooms, online poker rooms are friendly to Louisiana players. One side forbids residents from doing business with Internet poker sites while the other side is more than willing to accept players from the state.

Why don't the two side see eye to eye? This easy answer is money. The state wants their residents gambling in their own state regulated poker rooms. If they didn't fear that the legal acceptance of online poker would take a bite out of revenues that the state gets from their regulated establishments, it would be perfectly legal. Instead, the state comes up with a bunch of scary words to deter residents from playing.

But, even though playing online poker in Louisiana isn't in accordance with state statutes, residents do not need to fear being arrested or charged with a crime simply because enforcement would be a nightmare. You would literally have to turn yourself in and beg that they charge you in order to get in trouble playing poker online in the state.

You can read more about the legalities of playing online poker in Louisiana or just skip to the bottom of this page to see the best poker gambling sites that accept players from Louisiana.

Is It Legal For Louisiana Residents To Play Poker Online?

In case we haven’t hit you over the head with this enough, online gambling in Louisiana is explicitly illegal. Both providing online poker rooms and playing poker for real money at online poker rooms is illegal in the state of Louisiana. However, you should know that you can choose to bend those laws and play at a few online poker rooms that do cater to Louisiana bets without much fear of reprecussion as long as you are a consumer and not the provider. No record can be found of an individual being arrested for playing a few hands of online poker while living in Louisiana.

Bovada - Poker Games For All Stakes & All Skill Levels

Omaha, Texas Hold'em, 7 Card Stud, and much more are all played in Bovada's online poker site. And, while other sites might have a table or two with these games being played, Bovada has numerous tables at all stakes levels and offers tournaments for games other than Texas Hold'em.

Bovada is friendly to all Louisiana residents looking to play for practice or for real money and they are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Legal Online Poker Rooms In Louisiana
Online Poker Sites Deposit Bonuses Average Traffic Visit
Bovada Poker 100% Match Good To $1,000 15,000+ Players VISIT
BetOnline Poker Up To $900 On Each Deposit 10,000+ Players VISIT
SportsBetting Poker Every Deposit: 25% - $900 10,000+ Players VISIT

Louisiana Online Poker Regulation / Legalization Developments

There have been some interesting developments in regards towards online gaming in Louisiana. By a 68-22 vote in the spring of 2013, the Louisiana State House passed a notion to move forward with a study to figure out the benefits of intrastate online gaming, meaning online gambling sites for those in the state only.

The Criminal Justice Administration Committee is due to conduct what they are calling a 'feasibility' study, with the help of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board. As far as the results from this, we cannot predict, but at least the state is interested in the potential implementation of such a program.

Land-Based Poker In Louisiana

Legal land-based poker is available at several casinos across the state of Louisiana. In fact, casinos are prevalent all over the state. It's definitely a great state to live in if you like poker and are looking for sit-down options at an actual casino.

One of the most popular casinos is Harrah's, which has several locations. Outside of that, the Eldorado in Shreveport also garners plenty of attention where poker players like to go. Then in New Orleans, Boomtown casino is the most well-known, giving those a break from Bourbon Street to come in from the bar and on to the poker tables.

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