Louisiana Online Casinos

The state of Louisiana's infamous "gambling by computer" law makes it very clear that any sort of online casino gambling is illegal inside the state borders. Residents of Louisiana have access to riverboat and tribal gaming, a big part of the reason for the embargo on Internet-based casino gaming. But, with that said, it is only meant to deter Louisiana residents however there is nothing stopping them. Fact is, most major online casinos do accept players from Louisiana with no problem at all.

Go to the bottom of the page to view our selection of online casinos that will let you join if you live in Louisiana, or keep reading below to learn more about the laws governing online casinos in Louisiana.

Is It Legal To Play Online Casino Games For Money In Louisiana?

Unfortunately, the letter of the law actually says that it is not allowed. This is rare as Louisiana is one of the few states to specifically ban the Internet version of the industry. It's really no surprise seeing that this state does have several land-based options (we'll talk about those more below) that they would prefer their residents use instead of taking to the web.

Why is that? Well, like everything, it comes down to dollars. If residents aren't going to the casinos which are regulated by the state, Louisiana will not be able to get their cut of the action. When players take to the net to gamble, the state won't see a dime through tax revenues, licensure, or any other way they concoct to get money out of the casinos.

We bet that you're thinking that you are out of luck... not necessarily. We never condone breaking the law but we will say that you are highly unlikely to ever get into any trouble for merely playing blackjack, spinning some online slots, playing online video poker, etc... While the state does want its residents in its land-based gambling operations, they aren't willing to go as far as to track you down. In fact, they really can't because any online casinos that accepts Louisiana residents would never disclose your personal information simply because they don't have to. These online casinos are typically based in outlying countries like Costa Rica, Panama, the U.K. and other places where they are licensed but not on American soil. They answer to no U.S. authority and definitely not anyone in Louisiana.

So, why do they even have this law? Pretty much to discourage anyone from attempting to go online though they can actually do nothing to physically stop residents. However, what this does do is create an environment where is an extremely bad idea to fire up an illegal gambling enterprise, online or land-based. Rest assured that the state will attempt to get their hands on anyone that owns, operates, or profits from an illegal gambling venture in the state of Louisiana. You can read more about the laws below.

Where Can I play Casino Games Online In Louisiana?

The options available to Louisiana players at online casinos are vast, and present a much better option than a land-based casino. One of the real nice things about online casinos as options is the fact that you don't have to go anywhere to play them. You can do so right from your living room, couch, bed, or wherever you feel like playing with your computer. Not just that, players can multiply their stakes by wagering on several things at once through various online games, something that can't be done at a land-based casino.

Casino options on the Internet accepting Louisiana players can be found if you know where to look. With sites like LouisianaGamblingSites.com, finding these should be easy and we've attempted to do just that:

Best Online Casinos That Are Safe For Louisiana Residents

Lucky Red - Play Casino Games For Real Money In Louisiana

Visit Lucky Red CasinoLucky Red has makes no discrimination against citizens of the United States, including those living in Louisiana, as long as you meet the required gambling age. In Louisiana, the age to gamble for real money is 21 however you can join Lucky Red at 18 and play their games for free.

They are equipped with a full roster of casino favorites like Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Craps, and much more, many of which can played without having to download any software. In fact, look below and you will see they have special bonuses that are tailored to specific games. Be sure to note the slots bonus... it's one of the best in the biz.

Lucky Red: Slots Bonus - 400% to $4,000 - Bonus Code: "LUCKYRED400"

Lucky Red: General Games Bonus - 100% to $1,000 - Bonus Code: "LUCKYRED100"

High Noon - No Deposit Bonus Allows You To Try Real Games

Visit High Noon CasinoOne of our most popular online casinos where Louisiana residents can play has to be High Noon. Why you may ask? Well for lots of reasons. But let's single out a few things in particular that we think you might like about this unique casino. First thing is first, Louisiana players are accepted at High Noon, which is always the first aspect of any online casino you will want to visit.

High Noon gives Louisiana players two options on how to play. The first is with a download, where the software will be installed on your device to give you access to the full spectrum. But for those who prefer no download, there is an instant play option as well for those with accounts. Here, players can enjoy the casino without a download, through the entire range of games will not be available. But there will still be plenty of action to get in on!

High Noon: Slots Bonus - 200% to $2,000 - Bonus Code: "HIGHNOON200"

High Noon: Table Games Bonus - 100% to $1,000 - Bonus Code: "HIGHNOON100"

High Noon: No Deposit Bonus - $60 Free Chip - Bonus Code: "SIXSHOOTER"

Legal Online Casinos That Welcome Louisiana Residents
Online Casinos Deposit Bonuses Bonus Codes Software Visit
WinPalace Slots Bonus: 400% - $4,000 4000FREE RTG VISIT
Lucky Red Slots Bonus: 400% - $4,000 LUCKYRED400 RTG VISIT
Aladdin's Gold Slots Bonus: 200% - $2,000 No Code Needed RTG VISIT
Club World Slots Bonus: 100% - $777 BIGSLOT RTG VISIT
Bovada Casino Slots Bonus: 200% - $500 (4x) SLOTS500 RTG VISIT
Las Vegas USA Slots Bonus: 200% - $1,000 USA1000 RTG VISIT
High Noon Slots Bonus: 200% - $2,000 HIGHNOON200 RTG VISIT
Manhattan Slots Slots Bonus: 100% - $747 (2x) No Code Needed RTG VISIT
Buzzluck Slots Bonus: 100% - $868 BUZZLUCK NuWorks VISIT
Casino Titan Games Bonus: 400% - $1,000 ELECTRIC400 RTG VISIT
Slots Jungle Slots Bonus: 100% - $1K (10x) JUNGLEWELCOME RTG VISIT

Louisiana Online Gaming Laws

The law on the books in Louisiana that makes all form of online gambling illegal is very clear and applies to casino, sports betting, and poker play. The law states plainly:

“The legislature further recognizes that it has an obligation and responsibility to protect its citizens, and in particular its youngest citizens, from the pervasive nature of gambling which can occur via the Internet and the use of computers connected to the Internet. Gambling has long been recognized as a crime in the state of Louisiana and despite the enactment of many legalized gaming activities remains a crime. Gambling which occurs via the Internet embodies the very activity that the legislature seeks to prevent.”

So clearly, you are breaking state law when you play any casino games, bet on sports, or play poker online but as we mentioned previously, there is nothing to stop you and as long as you are not operating a gambling site, you have no need to fear enforcement of Louisiana online gambling statutes.

Land-Based Casinos For Louisiana Residents + Visitors

Louisiana actually has several land-based licensed casinos that players in the state can visit and gamble. Additionally, Louisiana was also the fourth state in the U.S. to allow licensed gambling on riverboars when they passed legislation back in 1991.

The northern part of Louisiana is home to Harrah's Louisiana Downs, located in Bossier City, as is Casino Magic and the Horseshoe. Harrah's also extends itself down south, along with several others like Isle of Capri. Then in Shreveport, there is Hollywood Casino, which is certainly one of the more well-known. New Orleans has Boomtown, which definitely attracts Louisiana residents and tourists alike, given its location.

As you can see, there is pretty much a gambling operation in all corners of the state, but even then, gaming there isn't as convenient as doing it on your laptop, out by the pool or in the recliner.

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