Gambling Laws In Louisiana

With the many federal laws which regulate gambling in the United States such as the Federal Wire Act and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), there is quite a hindrance put on the act. These laws, just like the gambling laws in Louisiana, make it highly unlawful to engage in the business of facilitating bets for profit and are intended to curb organized crime and racketeering. What these laws do not do however, is make it illegal for a recreational gambler to simply place a bet.

However, there is plenty of space left in between the lines of this legislation for states to develop and legislate their own gambling laws. Louisiana is one such state which has taken measures to form its own unique laws in regards to gambling sites for Louisiana residents and this page stands as a resource for those in the Bayou State to determine how they can gamble safely and within the realm of law if they so choose.

Legality of Gambling in Louisiana - Is It Legal?

Louisiana has a bustling regulated gambling industry which reaps a tax revenue of over $550 million per year. With over 18 casinos and more than 17,000 employees taking care of an estimated 30 million annual visitors, the Bayou State is fairly lenient when it comes to gambling. But that is not to say there isn't unlawful gambling in the state which could land a local in a bit of trouble.

When reading over the state's gambling laws, one can see that the legislation follows closely to the federal laws already in place which explicitly outlaw the business of gambling for profit. The word 'Gambling' itself is only defined when referencing facilitating the act of betting under R.S. 14:90. The language of the law does not imply that a social gambler is going to get into any trouble for a home poker game or a bet on the New Orleans Saints among friends. So long as things are kept casual, bettors in Louisiana will remain safe from the law.

With the immense amount of state licensed casinos and also three tribal casinos, residents in Louisiana will find all of the major forms of gambling easily within reach. Every traditional casino game as well as live poker can be found throughout the state although there is no legal land based sports betting as is the case with most states outside of Nevada. Louisiana is one of the few states with specific laws regarding online gambling as well, however the legislation makes it clear in the definition of 'Gambling by computer' that is the act of conducting a gambling business online which is illegal. Louisiana gambling code doesn't show laws or penalties which cite the simple act of placing a bet.

Land-Based Gambling In Louisiana

There are over 32,000 slots and gaming machines with nearly a thousand table games spread out Louisiana's 28 casinos where local can make wagers as low as $0.01 or as high as $25,000 making the Bayou State a pretty nice place for gamblers. Through the state's licensed casinos or the few Indian casinos, locals may find whatever pleasure they seek aside from sports betting. By far the most popular destination is mentioned directly in the state's gambling legislation as "the official gaming establishment" in Harrah's New Orleans casino. The 115,000 sq. ft. has approximately 2100 slot machines, over 90 table games and a poker room. Harrah's New Orleans has been expanding since it opened in 1999 and a top tourist attraction for visitors to the historic French quarter. The state of Louisiana also has a few Racinos scattered throughout the state, one of which is also owned by Harrah's in Bossier City, Louisiana Downs. Featuring a number of casino games, the track is most known for its thoroughbred horse racing which is home to the Grade II Super Derby which is run each September.

Online Gambling In Louisiana

As mentioned above, Louisiana is one of the few states to have enacted online gambling legislation, however, it is only focused on the business of operating such sites. There is nothing listed which prevents a Louisiana resident from placing bets online. One only needs to visit a site which is legally operating or located outside of both state and federal jurisdiction. There are a number of online gambling sites which host every major form of gambling such as casino games, poker and even sports betting, and they are all available to Louisiana residents without penalty for using their services.

Legal gambling sites that accept Louisiana residents primarily exist throughout Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and South America and even cater specifically to an American audience despite their foreign locations. They are in no way related to local legislation or regulations and operate under their own host nation's gambling and banking laws, many of which have a very positive working relationship with the United States. Although some users may be weary to using a foreign service, they have indeed been in business for decades and providing uncompromised security, privacy and steady payouts of winnings for decades. There are certainly a wide range of them which are better than others for locals of the Bayou State as we recommend sticking to the top picks for safety and reliability.

Popular Gambling Options In Louisiana:

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Bovada - Best All-Around Legal Gambling Site For Louisiana

Our particular favorite online gambling site for the Bayou State is This service has been in the game for decades and has a long track record for taking care of American citizens, including those who reside in Louisiana. Initially started as an American company, Bovada was forced to move only after changing federal laws displaced them to Canada where they still continue to operate lawfully for their members across the country and the world. Bovada is also an all in one, one stop destination for gambling in the sense that they offer virtually every betting type and wager option available on the internet, all at one web address. Most notable about Bovada for American residents and those in Louisiana is their top of the line online sportsbook which is held in high regards all across the country for the best odds and lines out of any other service. ESPN even uses their odds to report on various sporting events as the company is endorsed by CBS Sports and USA Today.

When visiting Bovada, users may find each and every league, sport and player on the planet available to wager on. Users can bet the spread, moneyline or even fractional odd on exciting futures such as who will win the March Madness tournament. This online sportsbook also boasts a fantastic sign up bonus which can be won in mere moments. New members earn a 100% increase to their initial deposit worth up to $250 of free bets which can be spent anywhere on the sportsbook for massive winning potential.

Legal Louisiana Gambling Sites
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What Is The Legal Age To Gamble In Louisiana?

The legal gambling age, as set by the Louisiana gambling laws, is 18 years of age or older however some casinos may have their own age restrictions due to the sale of alcoholic beverages. The legal gambling age for online gambling at one of the sites which we recommend is 18 years of age or older for everyone in the Bayou State.

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